Sunday, July 12, 2009

College Guide on How Not to Reheat the Pizza

UNC Chapel Hill is a very select state university. They require high grades and SAT scores but must not test on basic life skills.

A fireman in Chapel Hill told me about an interesting college fire at nearby apartments.

A UNC sudent decided he wanted to heat up his leftover pizza. OK. I can relate to that. I like mine hot too. But, he put the whole box in the oven and cranked it up. Now, do you put paper in the oven? No. That is the correct answer to that test question. No paper is the oven. Paper is combustable.

The student discovered that paper does burn in the oven, so he did what I suppose seemed logical to him at the time. He ran outside to get something to put out the fire.

And, what do you think was handy?


OK. Mulch is wood. That is something else you do not put in the oven especially when the oven is on fire already with a paper pizza box. This is what you might call "adding fuel to the fire" if you need a cliche for your English class assignment. On the test of life, the answer is "no" to the question: Does mulch work well for putting out fires?

Fortunately, someone did have the common sense to call the fire department who put out the pizza box and mulch fire and gave the student directions for heating up leftover pizza.

Moral of the story:

Some people should maybe just eat the pizza cold.

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