Friday, July 30, 2010

Egg Roll the Robber and Leave Him with Egg Foo Young on His Face

Ha! Ha! Bad Man Should Have Read the Fortune Cookie First

Take that you wicked man with gun!

When a robber tried to take the money and from the Asian Buffet in Norman reports KOCO in Oklahoma City, a female employee yanked his mask off as he grabbed for the money.

And, then it was on as other employees grabbed the guy.

The big, bad robber dragged the the pile of employees to the door, but someone locked him in and others got the gun away as he started firing.

Someone needs to take that guy's robber card away after he gets out of jail, because he got beat up by servers half his size when he had a gun, and they just had aprons. Plus, the bulk of the workers that were working him over were petite females.

Moral of the story: Use a clean plate when getting more food at the Asian Buffet and remember that they have the police carry you out on speed dial.

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