Thursday, July 29, 2010

Food Fight - Someone Plays Dirty with a Cheeseburger

What do you do if you get mad at someone?

Hum. I'm thinking that maybe you might talk to that person.

Someone else maybe had another idea. As reported in the Herald of Rock Hill, SC, a woman was having problems with her car. It would crank but then quit.

Not good.

Turns out someone stuffed a cheeseburger complete with a pickle in the gas tank. That gives a whole new meaning to "food fight."

This may not sound like a huge deal, but the cost to repair a cheeseburgered car is $1000. OUCH!

OK. Perhaps this was not an intentional deed of food warfare. The case has not been solved yet. So, how could a cheeseburger end up in your gas tank if someone was not just gunning for you and being a major jerk?

Let me count the ways a cheeseburger accidently gets in the gas tank, and feel free to add your ideas!

Cheeseburger in Gas Tank Theory Challenge - Top 10 Ways it Got in There

1. It was dark, and someone thought the car was the refrigerator.

2. There were no trash cans around, and the person who jammed the cheeseburger in the gas tank did not want to liter.

3. Someone tripped and the cheeseburger just happened to fly in the gas tank hole.

4. One of the kids knew that the other kids in the family would eat the cheeseburger and just hid it in the gas tank for later.

5. The driver was eating the cheeseburger and it fell in the gas tank when she was filling up her car with gas.

6. Someone ordered the burger without pickles and got the gas tank confused with the drive through window hole.

7. The drivers date did not want to tell her he hates cheeseburgers so jammed it in the gas tank and pretended he ate it so as not to hurt her feelings.

8. The cheeseburger was cold, and someone thought the gas tank would heat it back up and spit it back up.

9. The car looked hungry, and some kind soul decided to feed it.

10. The car was sold with the cheeseburger in the tank from the factory, and it just took a while for it to break down enough to cause engine problems.

Moral of the Story - Do not put cheeseburgers in your gas tank and do not hang out with people who do things like that.

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Wilfred Reinke aka @OshawaOgre said...

Just goes to show ya, getting gas from a burger is not a good thing!
great post, made my day!